Whether it be braces, oral surgery or any other part of our orthodontist services, we at Redwood Orthodontics know how important it is to remain clean within the dental office. Hygiene and cleanliness are a basic part of all procedures within orthodontics, and we take the highest care.

A big part of cleanliness comes back to sterilization, or the detailed cleaning and purifying of all tools, instruments or surfaces which may come into human contact at any point during treatment. Let’s look at what makes sterilization so important, and the standards we and other orthodontists follow diligently to keep you and your family safe from complications.


The key reason sterilization is important is the way it prevents the potential spread of harmful bacteria and other pathogens which might cause disease. Conditions like HPV, hepatitis and certain others are known to commonly spread through the sorts of tools and surfaces which are used in dental and other medical treatments (also in some drugs which use needles).

In addition, proper sterilization stops the spread of any individual illnesses a prior patient may have. Let’s look at nationwide standards for sterilization.

ADA Standards

There are specific guidelines which have been established by the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These include:

  • Non-disposable tools, including all metals, are cleaned and separately sterilized in between each individual patient
  • All surfaces in the examination room are cleaned and decontaminated in between each individual patient
  • Every member of the dental staff washes their hands thoroughly in between each individual patient
  • Protective clothing including masks, glasses/goggles, gowns and gloves are worn at all appropriate times, then properly disposed of following each individual patient

Committed Processes

On top of these guidelines, we and all savvy orthodontists observe other regular, standard cleaning procedures. All equipment is cleaned monthly or bi-monthly during quality inspections, and we use additional heat sterilization for an even more detailed clean. Following all posted guidelines plus taking a few extra steps is the best way to keep our clients safe and comfortable.

Want to learn more about this or any other part of our orthodontics program? Speak to our friendly staff today.