The dentist can be a troublesome area for many children, and this is especially so for children who need braces. Even with technology advances that allow for items like clear and ceramic braces, which offer many advantages over traditional styles, many children simply dread going through a year or two with braces in their mouths.

As a parent, you’re the primary avenue through which they can be reassured. Courtesy of Redwood Orthodontics, here are a few basic tactics you can take to help prepare your child for the realities of getting braces.

Discuss Options

Whether with your orthodontist and your child or just with your child, discuss treatment options for orthodontic issues. If your orthodontist gives you a few different braces options for your child, be sure to involve the child in the decision – this will help give them ownership over it.

If they go with traditional braces, remind them that they can customize and personalize these to fit their style. Most of all, emphasize the practical reasons why these braces are necessary.

Talk Through Expectations – Focus on the Positive

Let your child know that the actual procedure for attaching braces is painless and easy, for starters. From there, discuss reasonable expectations with them, including a focus on how this will make things better for them in the long run.

Soft Foods

Remind children that braces won’t be painful by themselves, but that pressure put on them by teeth might cause a bit of pain in the first few days. Stock up on soft foods so they can eat without chewing during that initial period – chilled foods like ice cream function as a reward during this difficult time, but colder foods also help soothe sore mouths.

Dental Wax

Also called orthodontic wax, this is a simple cream you can apply with your fingers to help form a protective layer for braces. For traditional braces, this will stop the bracket from rubbing onto teeth. If children are of proper age, give them their own supply of wax so they can apply it as needed.

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