A smile goes a long way with our confidence, especially as children. Part of our foundation at Redwood Orthodontics is early orthodontic treatment aimed at preventing the sort of invasive future issues which can damage this confidence, and we have years of experience providing this service and others in Utah.

This early care prevents more issues than many people might be aware of. Whether it’s braces or a different form of preventive treatment, let’s find out how vital early orthodontic care can be for your child. Here are some of the biggest problems it can help correct:

Bite Issues

There are several issues which can affect the bite in children, making everything from eating to smiling more difficult and potentially leading to larger future jaw problems. The most common is overbite: When the upper teeth extend well over top of the lower ones.

The other common forms are called openbite and crossbite. In openbite situations, the front teeth of the upper and lower jaw do not overlap properly. In crossbite, also called underbite in some circles, the lower teeth actually extend beyond the upper teeth.

Teeth Protrusion

This is a condition where the upper teeth extend too far forward, or the lower teeth aren’t extended enough. This affects the way the smile looks – upper teeth may seem far too large or misplaced. Protrusion can lead to functional issues in chewing and even speaking.

Spacing and Crowding

These are issues of space in the mouth, and they’re basically opposites of one another. Spacing refers to too much space between teeth, which is often caused by a missing tooth or a gap issue which can be corrected using braces. Crowding refers to when there isn’t enough room in the mouth – teeth can’t grow in through the gums correctly. This can be a serious issue that might require tooth removal, or it can be remedied using expansion in some cases.

Mismatched Midlines

Bite issues are serious at the front of the mouth, but they can be even more serious at the back of the mouth. If back bites don’t match those of the front, there can be serious future issues with jaw function. Catching this early, though, can allow treatments to eliminate it.

To find out more about early orthodontics or any other part of our orthodontic practices, speak to our service staff at Redwood Orthodontics today.