Braces are one of the most common items found in orthodontics, and at Redwood Orthodontics, we’re experts in the field. From clear braces to Invisalign and other services, we have you and your family covered if braces become a need.

The relationship between you and your braces is important, and must be maintained regularly. Here are a few important areas to ensure that your braces are accomplishing the right things for you.


It can be a pain to floss around braces, but this is one of the most vital areas – particularly near the start of your braces experience. Flossing helps prevent gum disease and other issues by removing plaque from tough-to-reach areas, stopping it from leading to infection. If you struggle with the mechanics of it, or if your children do, consider floss threaders to make things easier. Only a few minutes a day will help prevent potentially large issues when braces come off.


When possible, look to chew with your back teeth. Large bites with the front teeth are not good habits in general, and can not only wear the teeth down, but can create issues with braces as well. Instead, cut large foods into smaller pieces, then use your back teeth to chew them. This is particularly important for items like corn, which should always be cut from the cob and eaten separately.  

Bands and Headgear

If you’ve been given rubber bands or headgear as part of your braces, always wear these as they’re recommended. This can be annoying, but failing to do so can increase the length of braces remaining in your mouth by months or even years. A little discomfort now will prevent a lot more in the future.


Try to avoid sticky or overly hard foods whenever possible. Things like toffee, caramel, gum and others can get stuck in braces, and can cause brackets or wires to break. The same can happen with hard foods that may simply be stronger than certain parts of the braces.

To learn more about making your relationship with braces a good one, speak to the professionals at Redwood Orthodontics today.