We often think of braces as a kids-only type thing, and while they’re definitely more common for youngsters, these aren’t the only people they can be useful for. Braces in adults have taken on a bit of a stigma due to the way they look, but this is both a dated opinion and a blocker for some of the very real benefits they can provide for people of all ages.

At Redwood Orthodontics, we’ve been providing braces to both children and adults for years in the Salt Lake City area. If you’re an adult who needs braces, what are some of the tips and realities you should be aware of?

Many Different Types

A big part of the stigma braces get is the way we assume they always look. While there are indeed still braces styles which can be intrusive from a visual standpoint, this is far from the case across the board.

Adults have access to clear braces and invisible ceramic braces, and there are plenty of ways to go about this process with very little visual evidence that you’ve had any work done. In addition, our digital technology at Redwood Orthodontics helps us place and position braces in the most effective way possible to remove any discomfort.

Diet May Change

For some people, there are a few common food items that may have to hit the backburner. Things like candy, nuts, gum and chewy meats or cheeses can be tough to eat with braces, but this is often the extent of the damage – if you have further restrictions, this is something your orthodontist will discuss with you. There are plenty of ways to substitute and replace any foods you’ll have to sacrifice.

Care During Intimacy

You don’t have to be on pins and needles during any periods of intimacy with your partner, but know that elements like kissing can take a little getting used to. In the early stages, practice being as soft and gentle as you can to avoid cutting or otherwise hurting your partner.

Keep Things Clean

You already know you have to keep your teeth clean, and braces just add another element to the conversation. They can pick up little bits of food or tiny scraps, so be diligent during brushing and focus specifically on making sure the braces themselves are clean. Enough neglect here can cause larger issues.

Have further questions about adult braces or any other part of our orthodontic services? Our friendly staff at Redwood Orthodontics is awaiting your call.