As a trusted orthodontist office in Utah, it’s our mission at Redwood Orthodontics to provide you and your family with the best possible dental services. For children and younger adults, this often means braces or other preventive care items, and we provide the highest quality no matter what you or your child needs.

In older adults, the name of the game in orthodontics can change. Teeth and gums naturally wear down with age, but there are several tactics you can take to help keep that smile bright and healthy as you get older. Let’s look at a few tips.

Gum Health

Bacteria that forms on the teeth can cause issues for the gums if it isn’t regularly handled. In severe cases, it can cause infections and even damage jaw bones.

Taking great care of the teeth is the best way to keep the gums healthy. Brush twice a day, and floss every day. See the dentist regularly to check for periodontitis (gum disease) – signs include bleeding, receding gums, bad breath and loose teeth. If you smoke cigarettes, quit – these are a significant factor in gum health.

Wear and Tear

The teeth are very strong, but they can still wear down over years of biting, chewing and grinding. Areas where you bite and chew can flatten out. Some of this wear and tear can’t be avoided, but you can keep it from getting worse by mostly avoiding the kinds of hard, solid foods that can chip tooth enamel or break teeth. These include hard candies, ice cubes and plenty of others.

Keep an Eye Out

Be on the lookout for high-acid foods and drinks. Too many of these, or too many sugary or starchy foods (these cause the mouth to make acid), will create too much acid in the mouth, which can wear down tooth enamel.

In an even more serious are, be on the lookout for signs of cancer in the mouth, which becomes more likely with age. You can also take precautions to avoid potential cancer, such as quitting smoking, using alcohol only in moderation, and using lip balm with sunscreen when you go outside. Regular checkups also help screen for cancer issues you may not see any symptoms from.


Saliva helps clean your teeth and protect the mouth from general decay. As you age, though, saliva production goes down – sometimes from medications or drugs, sometimes just due to natural causes. Try to drink more water, and swish water in your mouth more often to retain moisture. You can also use sugarless candy or gum to help increase saliva production.

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