As a top orthodontist in Utah, Dr. Mortensen and his team at Redwood Orthodontics see numerous cases of painful or otherwise damaged gums. We have several orthodontic services that can help if you’re dealing with regular gum pain, and we’ll also get to the root of the pain itself.

For people at home and in temporary need of some relief, know that there are options out there. Here are five of the best natural, healthy foods that can help soothe your gum pain:

Clove Oil

Clove oil is an ancient remedy with significant numbing and antiseptic properties, which means it’s also great for helping treat and prevent infections. It’s commonly used to help with gum pain – simply apply some onto painful gums using an item like a cotton swab or toothpick, and notice the immediate relief it provides from pain.

Sea Salts

Sea salt has been known to help reduce pain and infections for a long time – many people use it with hot water to soothe throat rawness when they’re sick, for instance. To use it to help relieve pain coming from the gums, mix a teaspoon of sea salt into a cup of water, and then rinse your mouth with the solution. Be sure to swish it over painful gums, and continue doing so until you notice a reduction in pain. This will also help cleanse the area and rid it of bacteria.

Ice Pops

Ice pops will numb painful areas if used correctly. Don’t bite down on them like you normally would – instead, allow the ice to melt in your mouth and surround the gum pain. Be sure to limit intake here, though, as high sugar content can worsen the pain.


With gum pain, you generally want to avoid hard, rough foods that can aggravate the issue. Look to foods like soup, which are easy to swallow and help repair injured areas. Also emphasize steamed vegetables and juices.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea contains essential oils that go a long way toward soothing gum pain. Brew a cup and wait for it to become tepid, then wash it through your mouth for two minutes before spitting it out. You can do this as often as is necessary during the day, particularly after meals. After you’ve done this procedure, avoid eating or drinking anything else for 20 minutes to avoid washing away the essential oils.

To learn more about soothing the gums at home, or to find out about braces or any of our other orthodontic services, speak to the experts at Redwood Orthodontics today.