Among the most well-known items in orthodontics are braces, and at Redwood Orthodontics, we’re here to provide you with everything you need for every step of the braces process. For people concerned about looks, our ceramic braces are a perfect alternative.

One of the largest areas we stress with our clients is healthy management of braces, and a big part of this is eating the right foods. For your benefit, we’ve broken this down into three sections – foods to heavily promote, foods to be a bit more careful on, and foods to avoid completely. Let’s take a look.

Promote and Eat Often

For the most part, emphasizing foods that have a low chance of damaging the orthodontic appliances. These are the brackets and wires, plus any hard elements. Some items which fall well under the safe classifications include: Ice cream, chips, vegetables, soups and milkshakes, cheese and other light dairy, pudding and yogurt, sandwiches without many small items, French fries, soft pretzels and pasta. Most of these items have a very low chance of sticking between brackets, or creating any damage which needs to be addressed during the life of the braces.

Eat With Caution or Less Frequently

While many of the items in this category can be eaten with the right discretion, they may require special care or caution. For some, cutting them up into smaller pieces might be appropriate. With others, we recommend chewing using the back teeth as much as possible.

Some of these items include: Bagels, ribs or chicken wings, raw vegetables, hard fruits or fruits with pits, granola bars, corn on the cob, or nacho chips. Always be sure to chew carefully with these items, and stop chewing right away if you feel any pain.

Never Eat

Foods which are hard, sticky or chewy to a point where they might damage braces are to be avoided where possible. These include hard nuts, popcorn, chewing gum, hard pretzels, many kinds of chewy candy, ice cubes, chocolate chips, croutons, pizza crust and others. Your orthodontist may advise you against certain other foods depending on your situation, or may tell you certain of these is acceptable from time to time.

To learn more about caring for braces or any part of our orthodontic care, speak to one of our staff members at Redwood Orthodontics today.