Comfortable Clear Braces in Taylorsville


If you want all the benefits of braces, but want to remain discreet, our ceramic braces in South Jordan are an ideal choice for you.

In the past, ceramic braces were often criticized for being bulky and prone to staining and breakage. Well, not anymore. Thanks to product development and technological advances, ceramic braces are now tougher and more resistant to stains than ever.

At Redwood Orthodontics, our modern clear braces are small, comfortable, and beautiful. We use the Clarity Advanced Bracket by 3M Unitek, the most innovative and translucent bracket today.

Key Advantage: Confidence

With its small, low-profile design, ceramic braces are almost unnoticeable. Thanks to this notable feature, it offers an ideal choice for adults looking for the freedom and confidence to smile anytime, anywhere.

Ceramic braces can either have semi-translucent ceramic brackets, which are ideal for very white teeth, or tooth-colored ceramic, which are more suited for slightly yellower teeth. Either way, they blend in well.

Other advantages include:

  • Enhanced comfort
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Consistent de-bonding
  • Trusted strength
  • Small bracket design


As with any dental treatment, it’s important to go with the option that best suits your needs, lifestyle, and goals. Available in Taylorsville, South Jordan, and West Jordan, our clear braces are the next best thing to traditional metal braces.

Find Out if Clear Braces are Right For You

Our orthodontist has years of experience improving patients’ smiles with clear and ceramic braces. Consult Dr. Mortensen today so he can assess your case and determine if the treatment is right for you.

At Redwood Orthodontics, our staff is committed to providing the most pleasant experience from start to finish. Choose us for your orthodontic needs.