We Produce Straighter Smiles in South Jordan through Clear, Ceramic Braces

Many of our patients are apprehensive at the thought of wearing braces. They wonder if they will they look unattractive. Not to worry: We offer ceramic braces, a clear option that others will barely notice.

Enjoy the Benefits of Traditional and Clear Braces

Our clear braces in South Jordan are discreet but just as effective as traditional, wire-and-bracket braces. Instead of the usual silver titanium or steel brackets, these braces are made of translucent wires and ceramic brackets. They are a great alternative if having metal on your teeth is not your cup of tea. What’s more, ceramic braces are stain-resistant.

It doesn’t matter what shade of white your teeth are. Our translucent ceramic brackets blend with your natural color.

With regular visits to Redwood Orthodontics and proper daily care, you can keep your ceramic braces clean at all times. You can confidently sit through an intimate dinner date or deliver a presentation right after lunch. We make it so you can smile with confidence.

Comfortable and Effective Orthodontic Treatment

The ceramic braces we offer in South Jordan and Taylorsville provide enhanced comfort and improved aesthetics. We use Clarity Advanced braces by 3M Unitek, an inconspicuous dental brace system with an innovative design.

Expect the best results with dental braces from Redwood Orthodontics. We provide high-quality, clear braces in Taylorsville, West Jordan and South Jordan, by bringing you the expertise of a seasoned orthodontist. Dr. Micah Mortensen, our resident orthodontist, will personally assess your teeth to determine if clear braces are right for you. 

Get in touch with Redwood Orthodontics and schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Mortensen today.