Redwood Orthodontist in Salt Lake CityDo you have misaligned teeth? Would you like to straighten your crooked smile? Did you know there are many ways to fix that? The best thing about the kind of orthodontic treatments offered today is that it allows varied options, which patients of yesteryears did not have. Among these effective smile-straightening solutions of today are braces. Have you ever considered wearing one? If you are looking for braces in West Valley City, come to Redwood Orthodontics.

Braces are dental appliances used to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth. They consist of bands and wires, which, when working together, produce pressure to slowly reposition and adjust the teeth to its desired locations. Because there is constant pressure, the straightening of the teeth partakes a gradual process.

These dental appliances have brackets, which appear as small squares that attached to the front of each tooth. Brackets support the wires as the latter gently applies continuous pressure on the teeth. Orthodontic bands are cemented using bonding agents to hold the brackets in front of each tooth.

Fun Facts about Braces

Did you know braces originated in ancient Egypt? Researchers found crude metal bands on Egyptian mummies, which seemingly appear to be braces. Ancient Greeks also used braces to maintain the space between teeth.

The first batch of modern-day braces, dating to the early 1900s, was made of 18-karat gold. Before bonding agents were the norm, adhesives played an important role in attaching the brackets to the teeth. The glue used in today’s brackets was developed only in the 1970s.

Did you know Tom Cruise and Whoopi Goldberg used to wear braces? Other notable personalities who were also orthodontic patients include Chelsea Clinton, Cher, and Diana Ross.

Getting Started on Braces

It is never too late to start wearing braces. They are not just for kids or teens. You can still get a beautiful, healthy smile. Redwood Orthodontics offers high-quality braces in West Valley City that you and your family can trust.

Here is a couple of things you need to know before getting your braces.

The ideal age for orthodontic treatment using braces is seven. According to experts, it is during this age that most issues occur. Coincidentally, it is also during this time that most of the child’s teeth have emerged.

Ensuring the health and function of your bite is equally important as achieving the esthetics of your smile. For this reason, you need to see an orthodontist for your bite problems because the latter has more training than a dentist does.

The highly experienced orthodontists at Redwood Orthodontics offer comprehensive and advanced smile care for you and your family. They also have a wide selection of high-quality braces in West Valley City.

Discover a compassionate and professional orthodontic care that is perfect for you and your family’s needs. With an extensive range of smile-straightening solutions, Redwood Orthodontics is the go-to orthodontic practice when it comes to restoring the beauty and confidence of your smile. Make them your number one choice for orthodontic care. What’s more, Redwood Orthodontics provides a complete selection of braces in West Valley City.

When you need state-of-the-art orthodontic care that is personalized and highly attentive to your needs, come to Redwood Orthodontics. Contact them at (801) 262-3777.

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