Within the world of orthodontics, oral surgery is one of the more serious possible treatments. It’s generally required only after multiple other treatments for an affected area have not been successful, and it can be a final line of defense against certain major issues. At Redwood Orthodontics, our team will help walk you through all Read More

As a trusted orthodontist office in Utah, it’s our mission at Redwood Orthodontics to provide you and your family with the best possible dental services. For children and younger adults, this often means braces or other preventive care items, and we provide the highest quality no matter what you or your child needs. In older Read More

One of the most common issues in the field of orthodontics, both for children and adults, is crooked or misaligned teeth. We see many of these issues at Redwood Orthodontics, and we have several approaches to help fix them. One of these approaches? Helping prevent crooked or misaligned teeth. There are situations where these simply Read More

Within orthodontia and especially pediatric orthodontics, tooth infections are some of the most common issues. Children are at a greater risk of infection than adults due to immune systems that haven’t fully developed yet, and they’re an important factor to combat in young teeth. Here at Redwood Orthodontics, we’re here to help with dental infections Read More

Whether it be braces, oral surgery or any other part of our orthodontist services, we at Redwood Orthodontics know how important it is to remain clean within the dental office. Hygiene and cleanliness are a basic part of all procedures within orthodontics, and we take the highest care. A big part of cleanliness comes back Read More

Braces are a major necessity for many children at a young age, and this is commonly a source of stress for many kids. They’re worried about how they’ll look to their friends and being made fun of, and also about the pain involved in the process and any bits of inconvenience for the years they’ll Read More

The world of orthodontics is constantly moving forward, and at Redwood Orthodontics, we stay ahead of the curve. Our dental procedures will bring you the most modern care available, all in a friendly and affordable fashion. One common product that represents our willingness to leap into the future: Ceramic braces. Ceramic braces combine the effectiveness Read More

Among the most well-known items in orthodontics are braces, and at Redwood Orthodontics, we’re here to provide you with everything you need for every step of the braces process. For people concerned about looks, our ceramic braces are a perfect alternative. One of the largest areas we stress with our clients is healthy management of Read More

As your orthodontics specialist in Utah, we at Redwood Orthodontics are responsible for every step of your care, from start to finish. Many of our longer term services like braces are the primary points of our service, but just as important for most people is the accompanying phase many of these same people receive: Retention, Read More

A smile goes a long way with our confidence, especially as children. Part of our foundation at Redwood Orthodontics is early orthodontic treatment aimed at preventing the sort of invasive future issues which can damage this confidence, and we have years of experience providing this service and others in Utah. This early care prevents more Read More