As advances in technology across medical fields have continued in these modern times, the field of orthodontics is keeping pace. For people looking to get braces or any other type of orthodontic care, one of the aids we frequently utilize at Redwood Orthodontics is computer technology.

Used in the form of digital imaging and advanced graphical interfaces, these technologies can be incredibly helpful for everything from diagnosing issues to comfortably helping remedy them. Let’s have a look at some of the key benefits of digital imaging and computer technology at your orthodontist’s office.


Computer imaging has only improved orthodontists’ ability to accurately view and diagnose various conditions within the teeth. Imaging can capture the exact contours of teeth, including areas that are typically tough to see with specific accuracy in many other situations.

Greater accuracy in primary examinations will have a trickle-down effect across all other areas – mis-diagnosis will be virtually eliminated, and rare or specific conditions can be noted immediately so treatment can begin.


In many cases, digital imaging will make your visit to the orthodontist quicker and more efficient. Computer technologies can make the examination process a breeze, and can often shave a sizable amount of time off standard elements of the dental experience. This also means dental offices can see more patients – and spend more time with each treating or removing actual problems rather than simply locating them.


There’s nothing invasive whatsoever about digital imaging processes. Certain other dental imaging procedures use impression putty or other contrast agents which can taste terrible and cause gag reflexes, but there are no concerns in that regard with computer imaging. You simply sit comfortably in your chair while the pictures are taken, and move on.

Customized Care

The technology utilized here allows orthodontists to specialize a treatment plan for individuals with specific conditions. A digital plan can be formulated that helps both dentists and patients keep track of their treatment and stay organized.

If you want to learn more, or have any questions about our orthodontic services, call Redwood Orthodontics today!