One of the primary concerns for any parent of a growing child is basic orthodontic care and development. There’s significant research that shows that early intervention into childhood orthodontics can prevent dental health problems later in life, and at Redwood Orthodontics, that’s exactly our mission.

What are some of the numbers behind early tooth care, and what are some of the common issues that lead to early intervention? Let’s take a look, plus go over a few areas you should consider when it comes to this early intervention.

The Numbers

The average age for kids to get braces is between 9 and 14, though it’s appropriate for kids to have a consultation with an orthodontist even earlier than this. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, 3.7 million kids under the age of 17 receive orthodontic treatment each year. It’s common for crooked teeth, jaw misalignment and several other issues.

Types of Issues

Here are some of the issues commonly addressed by early orthodontic intervention:

  • Class I malocclusion: A very common condition that’s marked by crooked or protruding teeth. Early treatment here will occur in two phases, each of which is usually two years long.
  • Class III malocclusion: This is the technical name for an underbite, or when the lower jaw is too big or the upper jaw is too small. This condition requires early intervention, often at age seven.
  • Crossbite: When the upper and lower jaws are not properly aligned. In these cases, a palatal expander is often used – it widens the upper jaw and lets teeth align properly.
  • Tooth extraction: Crooked baby teeth can start to cause issues when permanent teeth erupt into the mouth. Particularly for kids with full mouths, extracting the baby teeth and even permanent premolars can go a long way to teeth growing correctly.

Considerations for Early Intervention

There might be some conditions where early intervention is not the proper course of action, and you should be waiting until adolescence. The best way to know for sure here is to schedule an appointment with your child’s orthodontist.

To learn more about early intervention, or to find out about clear braces, ceramic braces and our other options, speak to the staff at Redwood Orthodontics today.