If you’re struggling with facial or cranial pain brought about by any orthodontic issue, your ideal recourse is to speak with an orthodontist. Having undergone specialized education on the intricate complexities in treating bite problems, an orthodontist is the best person to approach to help you manage tooth misalignment problems or facial structure irregularities.

Make no mistake; an orthodontist is still a dentist. But while a dentist deals with dental disorders, an orthodontist has a more exhaustive knowledge of the inner workings of your jaw and facial muscles. With his in-depth learning, the latter can properly align your jaw and teeth. This will help you to obtain relief from any orthodontic discomfort that you may be suffering.

On account of his highly specialized knowledge, an orthodontist can make you look and feel good. He can relieve the pain and correct any irregularities so you can speak or eat normally, free from difficulties.

That’s what we do here at Redwood Orthodontics. We are dedicated to creating beautiful, healthy smiles for patients of all ages. The aligning of misaligned teeth, bites, and jaws are our specialties.

Why Choose Redwood Orthodontics

When it comes to proper teeth alignment and bite management, we have the honor of being recognized as the most trusted orthodontic practice in Salt Lake City. For over 40 years, our orthodontist and staff have been providing high-quality care that’s dedicated to our patients’ unique needs. We are also proud to say that we are considered as a trustworthy partner by many dentists.

With our extensive knowledge and specialized training, we are confident that we can deliver the most effective and long-lasting solution for any orthodontic problem that you may have. We diagnose and treat all cases under the direct supervision of our experienced orthodontist Dr. Micah Mortensen.

About Dr. Micah Mortensen

A second-generation dentist and true-blue Utah native, Dr. Micah Mortensen studied Medical Biology at the University of Utah. He then went to the University of Washington School of Dentistry to obtain his doctorate in dental surgery where he graduated with honors, ranking second in his class. He proceeded to complete his orthodontic residency. Later, he received his master’s degree in dental science from St. Louis University.

Highly respected by his peers, Dr. Mortensen’s research is widely acclaimed. His work has been published in various journals such as the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. He strives to keep abreast of developments in orthodontics through his participation in continuing education programs and seminars.

American Association of OrthodontistsAmerican Board of Orthodontics

Dr. Mortensen is a member of American Dental Association, American Board of Orthodontics, and American Association of Orthodontists.

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At Redwood Orthodontics, our team is committed to providing you and your family with a unique and pleasant experience. You’re in good hands with Dr. Mortensen and staff.

As a recognized leader in orthodontics, Dr. Mortensen offers premier care which is personalized and centered on your needs. Using cutting-edge technology and gentle treatments, you can look forward to an enjoyable experience when you visit Redwood Orthodontics.

To schedule your appointment with Dr. Mortensen, please give us a call at (801) 262-3777.