At Redwood Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer several different styles of braces for all ages. Whether for a child or an adult, our Invisalign and other braces styles have all the bases covered.

One of our favorite styles is one of the most recent advances in the field: Self-litigating braces. These are braces that involve no elastic ligatures or ties to keep them attached properly to brackets, and instead use a sliding mechanism to help secure the wire into the bracket. How can you or your child benefit from self-litigating braces? Let’s take a look.

Less Visible

Self-litigating braces are generally marketed as a perfect combination of traditional clear braces and invisible aligners. They’re virtually invisible to anything but the highly-trained eye, a great advantage for career-oriented adults or image-conscious teens who don’t want people to be able to easily see that they have braces.

More Convenient

Self-litigating braces require fewer appointments throughout treatments, which means that you save time over a long period. They also require less treatment time – time wearing braces can be cut by up to six months compared to traditional braces. This is a major boon for people who don’t want to deal with braces for a longer period of time.

More Comfortable

Due to the lack of wire or metal against the teeth, self-litigating braces do not involve any type of friction in the mouth. This creates a more comfortable way for teeth to slowly slide into better positioning over time, and it’s a much gentler process on teeth in general.

Hygiene Benefits

Many traditional braces styles can be tougher to maintain hygiene-wise, as plaque and bacteria can build up in tough-to-reach areas. There are no ligatures in self-litigating braces, which means fewer places for food particles or bacteria to be trapped. This makes both brushing and flossing easier, and will also lead to a cleaner and healthier smile when braces come off.

Want to learn more about self-litigating braces, or any of our orthodontics services? Speak to the friendly staff at Redwood Orthodontics today.