The world of orthodontics is constantly moving forward, and at Redwood Orthodontics, we stay ahead of the curve. Our dental procedures will bring you the most modern care available, all in a friendly and affordable fashion.

One common product that represents our willingness to leap into the future: Ceramic braces. Ceramic braces combine the effectiveness of traditional braces with the aesthetic qualities of Invisalign treatments to bring you the best of both worlds. Let’s find out what makes ceramic braces such an attractive option for you.

Less Gum Irritation

Many people find they have far fewer gum-related pain issues with ceramic braces, and this is because ceramic braces offer less opportunity for the gums to become inflamed. This is mostly due to the materials used, and while it can be different for different people, many who have struggled with comfort issues with regular braces find immediate relief with ceramic braces. Because pain can be the central issue some people have with braces, this is a very important consideration.

Strength and Durability

Our high-quality ceramic braces are extremely strong and durable. It will take major, serious abuse to break or chip ceramic braces – they’re made out of an incredibly strong composite material. They’re guaranteed to last as long as they’re needed in the mouth as long as they’re properly cared for, which is very easy in nearly all cases.


For many people, the primary benefit of ceramic braces is their blending capabilities. Braces can be an embarrassing presence in the mouth for some people, but ceramics are a great way to get the same tooth care without the visible presence of braces. They come with either semi-translucent brackets or a tooth-colored ceramic, the latter of which can be slightly better for darker teeth. They’re designed to blend in without sacrificing an ounce of quality and care to your teeth.

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