If you’ve completed Invisalign treatments for your mouth, you’re well on your way to getting that perfect smile you’ve always wanted. Invisalign is one of the top mouth alignment treatments out there, and one we’re happy to provide at Redwood Orthodontics. Caring for the mouth after Invisalign treatments are finished is still a vital task Read More

Braces are one of the most common items found in orthodontics, and at Redwood Orthodontics, we’re experts in the field. From clear braces to Invisalign and other services, we have you and your family covered if braces become a need. The relationship between you and your braces is important, and must be maintained regularly. Here Read More

If you or your child wears braces and is going on a trip or vacation, this will mean a little bit of extra preparation. There are a few checklist items you should observe if you’re going somewhere where you won’t have access to your orthodontist for a significant period, though many of these items are Read More

One of the primary concerns for any parent of a growing child is basic orthodontic care and development. There’s significant research that shows that early intervention into childhood orthodontics can prevent dental health problems later in life, and at Redwood Orthodontics, that’s exactly our mission. What are some of the numbers behind early tooth care, Read More

The dentist can be a troublesome area for many children, and this is especially so for children who need braces. Even with technology advances that allow for items like clear and ceramic braces, which offer many advantages over traditional styles, many children simply dread going through a year or two with braces in their mouths. Read More

At Redwood Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer several different styles of braces for all ages. Whether for a child or an adult, our Invisalign and other braces styles have all the bases covered. One of our favorite styles is one of the most recent advances in the field: Self-litigating braces. These are braces that involve Read More

The mouth is a compact and precise area, and even minor imprecisions in the teeth can lead to issues as a result. There are several different bite issues out there that may affect you or your child, and at Redwood Orthodontics, our services for Invisalign and other types of braces can provide the solution. What Read More

As a top orthodontist in Utah, Dr. Mortensen and his team at Redwood Orthodontics see numerous cases of painful or otherwise damaged gums. We have several orthodontic services that can help if you’re dealing with regular gum pain, and we’ll also get to the root of the pain itself. For people at home and in Read More

Oral health issues can happen to anyone, and braces to help stabilize the mouth are some of the most common combatants against them. At Redwood Orthodontics, we have a wide selection of ceramic braces and other formats to help you or your child with a pressing dental issue. What are some of the signs that Read More

You know the orthodontists at Redwood Orthodontics best for our preventive treatments such as braces, but Dr. Mortensen is also here to provide oral surgery services to patients in need. When certain other orthodontic treatments have been unable to correct a particular irregularity, oral surgery is generally needed. What are some of the types of Read More